Anonymous: im new to tumblr and when i found yours i became obsessed (kinda creepy sorry) with all the archived pictures and posts that you put up. im in a long distance relationship right now and im not sure that its going to work out. i was wondering if you worked things out with your boyf or if you just ended up as friends. your posts about being in love were so perfect. i just hope that long distance really can end up happily

You just made my week. I haven’t been on my tumblr in months. If both ends are completely committed and realize how great the love they share is, I have 100% faith in long distance working out. My ex-boyfriend & I broke up a year after going long distance, but the reasoning had nothing to do with distance being the issue. 

I’m not sure if you are still in that situation, but keep the faith & love. It will work out if you both want it to :)


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don’t call me beautiful
i don’t care
call me intelligent
tell me my laugh is contagious;
that i made you smile
tell me i have something to offer
― (via vaneshing)

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You won’t do our things with another girl, or say the same things, will you?
― Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms (via larmoyante)
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